December 2009 Holiday Greetings

December 2009
American Songbook Preservation Society

Greetings and Happy Holidays from American Songbook Preservation Society.

We are happy to announce that we have completed the documentary film on behalf
of the music of the Great American Songbook entitled “Words and Music”. It is the
companion piece to our 15-singer benefit concert in Los Angeles last year.

We were able to interview 9 of the singers the day before the concert and pair their
interviews with a portion of their concert performance, while speaking about why
this music is important, how they were introduced to the music, why they chose the
specific song they performed at the concert, what is special about this body of work
and what we can do to keep the music going for future generations. In addition, we
have defined just what is considered the Great American Songbook.

We also created a short version of the film that we have posted on our website with
a group performance we closed the concert with featuring most of the artists who
appeared in both the concert and the film. All of these fine singers donated their
time and energies on behalf of their love and admiration for this body of work
known as the Great American Songbook.

We are very grateful for their participation and dedication to keeping this
magnificent body of work that is a true cultural legacy telling the American story of
the 20th century.

You can view the short film version on our site or by clicking this link:
You can also support our organization and it’s mission by clicking the Make A Donation
button or by clicking this link:

Any individual who makes a donation of $100 or more will receive a copy of the film and a
copy of the concert DVD Singing The Great American Songbook.

Thank you for your support!

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